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antiabortion movie and she when she got pregnant as a teen with justin bieber was pressured to have an abortion and she did not. she just wants to let young women out there know that there is a place to go, a crisis pregnancy center. so there is an option. without it, she is sending a message to a lot of young girls, you wouldn't have your "baby, baby, baby. ♪ >> eric: robert, you are up. >> bob: this singing does it. along the fun show route. two people were accidentally shot at a gun show in north carolina in honor of fun appreciation day. they were shot because they were going through a safety check. during the safety check, two people got shot and sent to the hospital. good news it's legal in north carolina to do this kind of thing. there is a g.o.p. senator republican legislator who said guns are essential to live in the way god intended. now you want to know why we think fun nuts are nutty? freddie you should do how many people were shot in chicago at
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the same time. do a funny accent from the -- >> bob: you know what? >> greg: do the accent. >> eric: somebody call the police, obama is on fire is brilliant. thank you for watching. see you tomorrow, everybody. >> bret: the partying is over. now the president and congress prepare for battle. over the debt, the deficit and spending. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. if there is a hanimoon at all for president obama in the second term, it could be four months. that is how long the house republicans want to extend the debt limit with a many strings attached bill that has the critics cowering on both sides of the aisle. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel at the capital tonight.
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>> reporter: house leaders are planning a vote tomorrow to increase borrowing authority through may 18. i would include the house and senate pass resolutions by april 15. if it's not passed it would withhold the salaries putting them in escrow. resistance to the debt limit vote so far comes from the rank and file house conservatives. >> we have half a budget, but raising the debt ceiling for a budget to be named later is to me something i probably won't be able to vote for. >> if you raised it for three months unconditionally, three months from now what principles do you stand on to keep you from raising it again? >> all republicans have been frustrated by the senate failing to pass a budget. speaker boehner's office released inknow graphic about what could have been accomplished since the last budget passed on april 29, 2009. it clouded 179 round trips to the moon. circumnavigating the globe 73 times. leading senate republicans say
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it's time for the senate to step up. it has been four year since the senate acted on a budget. in fact, if you believe this. many of you have ipads. ipads didn't exist the last time the senate passed a budget. >> the senate majority didn't say no but he didn't fully embrace the house deal either. >> i'm glad that they sent us up a clean -- they are going to send us a clean debt ceiling bill. the other stuff on it, we'll approach it when we need to. glad we're not facing a crisis here in a matter of a few days. >> at the white house, jay carney signaled president obama would sign it. >> it still has toover come concerns expressed by member of the hus and the senate before it passes both chambers to reach the president's desk. if it does and it reaches the president's desk, he would not stand in the way of bill becoming law. >> so it appears that pressure is building on senator reid to act. meanwhile late today, sources say speaker boehner told g.o.p. members behind closed dors the house budget chairman paul ryan is working on a budget plan that would balance
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within ten years. boehner says he applauds that goal and shares it. >> bret: mike emanuel live on the hill. thank you. more than 24 hours after promising to respond to the threat of climate change, president obama has something else to respond to tonight. nebraska's governor approved a new route for the controversial keystone oil pipeline to put the ball scarily in the president's court. chief white house correspondent ed henry tells us that is one issue getting a second look tonight. >> attending a prayer service after a long night of celebrating the start of his second term. ♪ ♪ >> president obama woke up to a flood of cheerleading headlines about how he offered an aggressive liberal vision to act on major issues. >> we will respond to the threat of climate change. knowing that the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations. >> today at the white house the back pedaling began.
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>> i don't have any, you know, announcements to make about next steps on that issue. >> the president is facing pressure whether he will keep that declaration on reducing green house gases or the campaign promise to pursue all of the above energy strategy that could create jobs. after nebraska for dave heineman revealed he approved revived route for the keystone xl oil and gas pipeline to avoid environmentally sensitive areas of his state from canada to texas. last year, the white house repeatedly fell back on the for's initial opposition to justify delaying the pipeline. >> we only originally delayed the process because in part of concerns raised about the original pipeline route, by the for of nebraska. concern by folks in nebraska including the republican for about the original proposed route. >> after the for's decision today, the white house punted
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back to the state department, still reviewing the application. >> i don't want to get ahead of the process. the state department has something to move forward on. we'll address that issue, and when it does. >> the president of the american fuel and petro chemical manufacturers association declared now is the president's chance to prove to the nation his all of the above energy strategy is more than forgotten campaign rhetoric. executive director of the sierra club told fox radio this will be the first big test of the new commitment to deal with climate change. >> one area he didn't promise action is entitlement reform. i asked where was the call for sacrifice and jay carney said the president put entitlement plans on the table before and may do so again in "state of the union" next month. >> bret: ed henry live on
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the north lawn. thank you. democrats meeting here in washington re-elected florida congresswoman debbie waserman schultz as the chairwoman. teaming officials concern they will name the fundraising bundleer henry munoz iii of san antonio as the finance chair. officials in texas say three people were wounded in shooting at a community college north of houston. it happened at the north harris campus of the lone star college system. authorities say a fight between two people, one a stunt, led to gunfire. both were wounded and hospitalized. maintenance man was caught in the crossfire and wounded. fourth person was hospitalized. one report said that person may have suffered a heart attack. 40 years ago today, right for abortion was established with the roe v. wade case. shannon bream has more on where we are now. >> the issue of the roe v. wade opinion 40 years ago does little to settle the debate
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over abortion. pro-life advocates have tange their fight to the state level where the legislators across the country enacted numerous laws aimed to rolling back roe, sparking battles over required ultra sounds and regulation for abortion clinics. because of the number of the pro-life state measures passed in 2012, pro-choice groups for reproductive rights, crr said last year was assault on women reproductive rights. one thing the two sides agree on the fight is not over. >> there is rising tide across the country of pro-life legislators for bigging up the flag and advancing the defensive life and law. >> relentless attack on the street services. i expect that to continue on the state level. >> happy anniversary, baby. >> crr is taking heat over an ad meant to mark 4th anniversary of the rode six entitled "happy anniversary, baby." they say the use of the word
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"baby" and tone inappropriate for a serious of topic. but it's one of a series of celebrity ads that encouraged thousands to sign on to what is called the bill of reproductive rights. this is playing out against a backdrop of a new documentary with a reference to the shooting death of dr. george tiller who performed late term abortions. in the film, one of the doctors say they have been at war since roe, except there is only one side that has been fighting. bret? >> bret: we usually hear from the president on this anniversary. what is the white house saying today? >> the president said today his administration continues to work toward minimizing the need for abortion. adding that the government should not intrude on private family matters and women should be free to make their own choices about their bodies and healthcare. >> bret: thank you. what are your thoughts on roe v. wade anniversary? let me know on twitter. follow me. @bretbaier. deep freeze hit the midwest.
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waves of arctic air sweeping the region, causing schools to shut down. frigid temperatures expected to play a role in three deaths so far. some of the oldest areas registered get this, 36-degrees below zero. politics was everywhere during the inauguration. even in the music. we'll explain. even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonderhat other questionable choices i've made? [ club scene music ] [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
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>> bret: after a probe of racy e-mail exchanges, with socialites, the same woman who was caught up in scandal between david petraeus and the other woman cost him the job as c.i.a. director. the messages from general john allen and jill kelley were
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discovered in the f.b.i. investigation of petraeus last year. it's been more than four months since the deadly terror attack on the u.s. diplomatic facilities in benghazi, libya. tomorrow, america's top diplomats will finally answer questions about what happened or should we ask them. one of them. where are the dozens of survivors of that attack? why haven't we heard from them? national security correspondent jennifer griffin reports tonight from the state department. >> ambassador steven's body was missing for nearly 11 hours. u.s. military assets in europe were alerted but never utilized. yet, the state department accountability review board chaired by admiral mike mullen and thomas pickerring concluded last month, "there simply was not enough time for armed u.s. military assets to have made a difference." that is not what congressman jason chaffetz was told by general carter hamm when they traveled to libya after the attack. >> he told me he had proximity
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and capability but he was not told to go fight for those people and save the people when the firefight was going on. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton will face questions on capitol hill wednesday for the first time about what happened in benghazi on september 11. >> there was no question at any point in the statements that she considered it her responsibility to learn the lessons from this and to take the department forward in implementing whatever lessons were learned. >> yet, at least two eyewitnesses who participated in the rescue that night in benghazi were not offered up by their senior leaders at the c.i.a. and the state department to speak to mullen and pickerring. in marked contrast to how the civilian survivors of the algeria attack have been made available to the press, the administration has not made any of the benghazi survivors available to congressable members who want to know what happened. >> state department employees who were injured in the
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firefight should be interviewed and talked to by members of congress. so far that hasn't happened. >> there are many unanswered questions from benghazi. for one, fox news learned from the senior u.s. defense officials that the fast team of marines out of spain were asked by the state department officials to change out of their marine uniforms. before heading in to libya to help. this required them to deplane and delayed them by 90 minutes according to pentagon officials. then there is the decision by secretary of state clinton and state department under-secretary of management patrick kennedy who was in the operation center that night. not to send a foreign emergency support team, which the state department own web site describes as the government only interagency on-call short notice team poised to respond to terrorists ips dents. as a result, the f.b.i. could not enter the complex for 24 days after which point most evidence was gone. secretary clinton will be
3:17 pm
asked why more security wasn't provided at the benghazi mission after the june 6 bombing and why ambassador chris stevens left behind some of his security detail in tripoli. why the reck secrecy? >> bret: we'll cover it tomorrow. thank you. the pentagon says the al-qaeda affiliate in north africa is at the top of the list for suspects for algerian terrorist attack. three americans were killed. seven others escaped. the overall death toll there believed to be around 80. the task of identifying some of the bodies continues. algerian government official says authorities are still looking for five missing foreign workers. the u.s. african commander saying american planes begun transporting french troops and equipment in support of their mission in mali. the c-17 flights began monday and will operate in the next several days. what to do with another kind of air power is really the question being considered at the highest levels of power here in the u.s.
3:18 pm
tonight, chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge takes a look at where the u.s. drone program is going. >> during his inaugural address, president obama promised to uphold the rule of law and he emphasized that america's longest war was coming to an end. >> we, the people, still believe that enduring security and lasting peace do not require perpetual war. >> but critics including the american civil libertys union say the public promises conflict with his private manual that attempts to set clear standard for use of drones in targeted killing missions. >> here you have a secret play book, a secret set of rules on how the president himself is going to make decisions on who the kill and who lives and who dies, including united states citizens. then you have, then you have a complete exception for the c.i.a.'s use of drones in pakistan. so, how is that not endless war and how is that compliance
3:19 pm
with the rule of law? >> today at the white house briefing spokesman jay carney was pushed to explain the apparent contradiction. >> we need to do everything we can to keep americans an america safe as well as our allies. we need to do it in ways consistent with the values and our laws. >> we have been briefed on drones. we have been briefed when the drones have been used. but there is no real strategy there. there are no guidelines there. >> the new chairman of the house homeland security committee mike mccall says the video stills are more evidence that al-qaeda in north africa is in possession of weapons from lib yeah. earlier u.s. intelligence officials say they were working to verify weapons were used in the algerian crisis program. he exexpects the drone crisis to expand. >> wind down with the technology and the special forces that we have. similar drones, should be redirected to this front. >> neither the c.i.a. nor a spokesman for the national security council provided
3:20 pm
immediate comment on the administration counterterrorism manual. >> very basic concept of the rule of law is people know what the rules are. having a secret play book means you are not compliant with the rule of law. there is no rule of law. people don't know what the rules are. >> today, the director of national intelligence urged the white house to give the pentagon the lion's share of control for the drone program and minimize the c.i.a. involvement. >> bret: you can imagine secretary clinton will be asked about the expansion in northern africa tomorrow. >> certainly. >> bret: thank you. >> you're welcome. >> bret: russia has begun evacuating the citizens from war-torn syria. four buses carrying about 80 people mostly women and children crossed to lebanon earlier in afternoon. the latest indication of russia perceives syria's president is losing his grip on power there. still ahead -- a big election in israel and what is at stake. first, is the housing crisis finally over here in the u.s.? we will look at what the numbers say. ford c-max hybrid. when you're carrying a lot of weight,
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>> bret: some encouraging numbers tonight about housing. if you read between the lines they tell you something about the overall economy. chief washington correspondent james rosen interprets for us. >> the national association of realers reports that -- realtors reports while existing home sales dipped in december, such sales are up by december 2011 by 19.8%, with total sales in 2019 reaching the highest point in five years. among the reasons why, experts cited an improving jobs market. >> the driving factor,be of course, have to include the historically low mortgage rates. for those people who can qualify. the other factor is the household formation. many of the young adults who used to live with their parents are seeking out their own housing unit.
3:25 pm
>> a recent survey by the national association of home builders and wells fargo finds home builders' confidence sagging. staying flat in january and below the 50% mark after eight consecutive growth of months. there, too, there is cause for optimism. the commerce department reported last week that housing starts surged in december. up 19.1% from the month before and setting the fastest pace seen in 4.5 years. multifamily housing, apartment and condos is boosting the construction surge as younger people finally find employment and take flight from the parent's nests. >> now from the first time since 2007, 2006, we are starting to see increases in production. rising house prices. that is going to affect household wealth. that is one positive factor that will help us have i hope a better year in 2013. then in 2014. >> we need to put up 1.5 million homes a year because of population growth.
3:26 pm
current rates are 900,000. as long as we're not building enough, lower than 1.5 million, inventories come down. that is what is going to drive the housing market forward over the next three years. >> that was born out by the national association of realtors survey that found the national median price for existing homes stood at just over $180,000 last month. 19% where it was in december of -- 12% above where it was in december 2011. >> dow is up in third consecutive session. gained two. s&p 500 up 6-1/2. nasdaq finished 8-1/2 ahead. trade representative ron kirk says he is stepping down. late next month. the former dallas mayor oversaw congressional approval of free trade deals with south carolina, panama and colombia that had been sticking around for some time. left over from the bush administration. freen former president may be bidding adieu over taxes. some of president obama's
3:27 pm
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3:31 pm
i'm going to make it better for the middle class because i'm going to make those who got a little money share that money, by making it possible to help everybody." every one of you who wants to love whoever they want to love give them the opportunity to do that. he says yeah, you can go to war, but how about going to peace? he going to bring the troops home. yeah, yes, he did." it sundayed better than that. james taylor spoke out on gun control. the majority of us feel strongly. we will make sacrifices to our freedoms to put it to safeguard the children. ousted president nicolas sarkozy and his former super model wife may be preparing to move to london to escape pone potential top tax rate of 75% in the home country. daily mail reports if the move
3:32 pm
goes ahead, he will be the latest, famous frenchman to flee the tax increase. sarkozy advisor tells a french newspaper he does not think the move will happen. the former leader is under investigation for corruption. if he does leave, there will be outrage. finally, can the has more money woes -- canada has more money woes. literally. the new $20 bills melt in high heat. and they don't work in vending machines. now, the "global mail" report that botanists say one of the maple leafs on the note is a norway maple, which is not native to canada. bank of canada insists the bill does not show a norway maple leaf but a stylized design. university of ottawa professor chronicled a series of officialbe botany errors including on the penny. logos for the former canadian television fund and the 2007 fifa under 20 world cup of soccer. it appears there will be no
3:33 pm
change at the top of the government. in israel, prime minister benjamin netanyahu is claiming victory tonight after nationwide voting. correspondent leland vittert is standing by at the laquid party headquarters in tel aviv. hello. >> good morning from tel aviv. you combine the exit polls and real results that are starting to come in. netanyahu in the usual right wing coalition partners hit about 63 knesset seats. more necessary to form a government. but less than they would have liked and fewer than predic predicted. the coming weeks as they try to put together a coalition, he will have tough choices to make. with the smile of a man third term seemed assured they cast the ballots as the polls opened in jerusalem. the coalition began to fall
3:34 pm
apart over the domestic pressure on budget, a and military service for israeli ultra religious and possibility of a strike. on the nuclear facilities. he joined the party with the nationalist leader leeberman to quarter more 40 of the needed 61 knesset seats to form a government. but it doesn't materialize when netanyahu was battered from the left and the right. former chief of staff came on strong. bennettbe is the darling of the settleers who live on the land in west bank that palestinians want for the future state. his inclusion in netanyahu government would virtually assure the continued deadlock in talks. the left winging movement of the future partner promised to push him hard for deal with palestinians and end to the handout for religiouss.
3:35 pm
at this point, tonight, netanyahu spoke in a victory speech, softer, doveish prime minister than the hawkish benjamin netanyahu we hear from. >> bret: a world full of problems. we look at the foreign policy agenda when the all-stars join me after the break. i'm phil mic. i've been fortunate to win on golf's biggest stages. but when joint pain and stiffness from psoriatic arthritis hit, even the smallest things became difficult. i finally understood what serious joint pain is like. i talked to my rheumatologist and he prescribed enbrel. enbrel can help relieve pain, stiffness,
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support democracy from asia, to africa, to middle east. the interest and conscience compel us to act on behalf of those who long for freedom. >> bret: president obama in in inaugust, the inaugural address talk about the foreign policy, spent the address talking about domestic policy on the left and the right. as a liberal , progressive speech. the foreign policy in the administration has been aggressive and continuing the bush administration policy of going after terrorists. the drone policy for example. bring in the panel on the way forward. jona goldberg. a.b. stoddard, associate editor of tannehill. indicateed columnist charles
3:40 pm
krauthammer. one thing overlooked by folks what a phrase that some picked up on, but not many. peace in our time. >> the whole foreign policy section such that it was, which could fit on a thimble for the most part you have to read body language rather than the language because it's sparse. one phrase, peace in your time. the summation. after being rolled by hitler, i brought us peace in our time. to use that phrase is historically tone deaf or ignorant, they didn't know what the ail yens of it was. they didn't know what it meant is vastly more troubling. context of dealing with iran a israel and stop iran getting the nuclear weapon, the idea of setting it out there to get
3:41 pm
peace in our time has got, tom ricks foreign policy said they were doing it to rattle benjamin netanyahu. it's so ignorant or so irresponse to believe use the phrase. it's synonymous with approach to foreign policy that leads aggression across borders. >> bret: do you think it was the message or a mistake? >> i bet a mistake. the guys in the white house have a wikipedia staff when it comes to speech writing stop. they make weird errors. that previous speech writing shops would never make. obama didn't have the excuse. he has to read it and know what the phrase meant. >> we have a shot of neville chamberlain if anybody wanted to see a face with a name. >> what do you think? >> the speech was short on foreign policy intentionally. the focus of domestic policy. when he got to it, it was
3:42 pm
clear that he wanted to emphasize engagement again. he did not want to talk about stopping nuclear iran. he did not want to talk, he talked about permanent wars as if it was an indulgence. interesting that he de-emphasized foreign policy. confirmation hearings to be the director of the c.i.a. he not only will be asked about what the current, and the policy has been but what it will be in the future. if the drone policy is
3:43 pm
unsustainable what is the drone policy going to be? what will they be replaced with when we leave afghanistan? how do we fight al-qaeda if we pull back from drone six? there are questions what about we have been doing, which is secretive and replace it with. >> bret: some, charles, say the drone program is largely a program not about being aggressive after terrorists. >> it seems to me the choice of the zone policy, the content of the global warming, though he won't use the word,
3:44 pm
a way to keep the problem at bay. it does something, kills the leadership. slows them down. not capturing anybody or gathering intelligence as done for the decade before. a reasonable way to approach the problem if the way obama thinks. he wants to keep the world at bay. the size of the speech of the foreign affairs was negligible. there is nothing in it except for the error "peace in our time" which i assume is sheer ignorance, because otherwise it's perverse. the phrase you show him saying we'll defend those who are fighting on behalf of democracy because it's in interest and conscience, what
3:45 pm
about syria? mali? in mali, the administration can't decide to enforce the french out there. drone intelligence. he needs to reform america. he said this. we have want to rebuild the nation in home. we don't want to go abroad. retreat is idea and policy of reseeding. with the nomination of john kerry and chuck hagel is president obama sending a chamberlain message? >> i think charles is right. he is sending the message. these are care-takers and people who will keep the foreign policy off his desk.
3:46 pm
some people say is part of the foreign policy part. climate change, and we know kerry will be deeply invested in. that has a real policy and dollars and cents. the rest is tabulum. the cabinet pointments are people to allow him to focus on this domesticbe transformation. >> bret: a leap forward for tomorrow. secretary clinton testifying on benghazi. she will testify in the morning on the senate side and afternoonbe in the house. this should be high drama when it comes to congress. asking and answering. the republicans are forecasting that.
3:47 pm
>> i don't know that they will be surprises in a lot of new revelations from the testimony. >> bret: charles? >> i think they will ask what did you know and when did you know it? where were you during the attackbe? what did the president say? who were the embassy personnel who were flown out and not hurt and know and can say what happened and have not been named by the state department and why aren't they allowed to speak to the american people and the congress? >> bret: almost no one in the press. >> of course. >> because i exclude as standing above the press. >> bret: jonah?
3:48 pm
>> there are enormous blanks she refused to fill in. and they will pressure why they won't be forth coming with the timeline and why they won't fill in the questions? she is the last to speak on these things. she can navigate around other people's testimony the best she can. the passion going after hillary with tough questionson f a lot of rua lot republicans. >> bret: number of tweets. who is neville chamberlain? prime minister of great britain from 1937-1940. there is his picture. he had policy of appeasement that jonah mentioned earlier. if you can tweet that, you can probably google it. next up, 40th anniversary of roe v. wade that we are here to answer. stay with us. my insurance rates e probably gonna double.
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but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands?
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today is the 40th anniversary of roe v. wade. we are using this ad to bring attention to the fact that it's time to draw the line. >> oh, hey, baby. did you think i forgot? i didn't forget. how could i forget our anniversary? all these years. so many people say we'd never make it. trying to tear us apart. take you away. put limits on you. on me. on us. >> over the last two years since the mid-term election of 2010, americans united for life is the legal arm of the pro-life movement. we have seen 50 bills involved with that with problem-life
3:53 pm
legislation in to law. >> bret: that raised eyebrows. 40th anniversary of the roe v. wade. 40 years ago. pro-life groups are out with ads as well. this is a website and it details the number of abortions since 1973. that number is at the bottom of the page. 54,559. i'm sorry, 54,559,615, i should say. we're back with the panel. this is obviously leading up to a big, big fight. there have been statewide efforts, charles. this administration is committed to pro-choice. where do you see this standing right now? >> what is interesting, unlike the other social issues, like legalization of drugs. gay rights. abortion is one where the
3:54 pm
pro-abortion side, liberal side is not the way of the future. what is interesting if you look at the opinions of the younger generation, they are pro-life. than others in the other age range which is surprising and different from the other social issues. i think it is one that will remain in contention for generations. the lesson here for the gay right legislation of the court is going to look at, do not repeat roe. roe was happened at a time the rapid social change, ronald reagan signed the most liberal abortion law in the country. this put a stop at all of this. this decreed liberal success before it was in the culture. it creates all the social tension. let the people work it out in the states. in referenda. but not to do it by decree on
3:55 pm
high. i hope that the court learned that lesson and won't do the same with gay issues as well. >> bret: fox polled right before the election, a.b., had the split pro-choice. you know, depending on the poll, it is a fairly close split. change here and there. >> those people would argue that using the terms is not really accurate polling. everyone is pro-life, even if they support the right to an abortion. other polling, majority in the high 60s in support for roe and legal abortion. that said, pro-life movement waged on restriction and access has been suckbe sesful. they have succeeded in acting
3:56 pm
restriction -- enacting restrictions across the country in every state that has reduced access to abortion that has taken the pro-choice movement a little bit surprise. >> hundreds of thousands turn out for turn out for the march for life on the mall. >> i thought the add was repugnant and counterproductive and grotesque. trying to make it in a late night joke about what a lot of people consider to be mass murder. that is disgusting that we get in age of obama, smug liberalism to make a joke of people's general dissent. that is repugnant. in t problem with roe isn't that they short-circuited the process, there was terrible constitutional law. most serious liberal legal scholars think they are a joke. they distorted politic farce
3:57 pm
long time coming. whatever side you come down on it that is not the way the government should run. >> bret: much more to talk about this ahead. but stay tuned for a case of mistaken identity. [ whistle blo] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do.
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